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Rehau Section

In the mid-80s the plastic window was introduced.  This was a product extruded at low cost that did not require painting. The cost savings were so great that it hit the ground running and has shaken up the market ever since. The plastic window was the main reason why the aluminium direct fix frame was introduced to fit direct to the brickwork without a timber sub frame to save money.

Plastic frame sections are similar in size to timber, they are multi-chambered and when required will have steel reinforcing. All plastic windows and doors must be glazed from inside for security.

The plastic window has developed into a stable, cost effective replacement system.


It is possible for plastic frames to look like timber. A foil skin is bonded to the surface of the material. This skin can be designed to look like a timber grain and be coloured from white, through creams to dark browns, reds, yellows and timber shades that are a mixture of two colours.

Paint Finish. 

New paints have been developed that bond to the plastic surface. The frames can be sprayed any colour. This differs from the foils in that the painted surface is still flat and smooth, unlike the grain effect of the foils.


The Frame options?

The purpose of a window is to provide light and ventilation into a building. Glass has to be fixed into a frame. Early frames were steel and timber and latterly aluminium and plastic. These frames have been developed to take double glazed units and sophisticated locking systems producing a finished product that is elegant, practical and efficient at keeping heat in and the cold and rain out.