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Single & Double Doors

Single and Double Doors

Aluminium Double Doors

By their very nature Doors are an important part of a building. They are large, and form a constant function within a home. They need to be secure when locked and look right for their situation and position. Depending on budgets I would prefer to see the front door costucted from Timber. The front door sets the statement you want to make, there is a good selection of colours and styles of timber doors. These styles have been copied for the plastic panel and composit door market. All modern door use a multi-point lock system with the best offering Hook bolts that either wind-out or shoot-out with the lift of a handle.

Composite Door

These are normally constructed with fibreglass doors set in a plastic frames. They can be made to look like timber with a coloured timber grain, good mulipoint locks are also fitted. They are sold as the timber replacement because they should not change shape. These doors are sold for the look of their main panel and would not be used as a glass door in other areas.

Side, and rear doors can be produced from either Aluminium or Plastic. they offer full or half glass options. and it is mearly a matter of budget which you choosehandles .

Double doors can have one handle and internal finger-bolts to the slave door or handles on each.

White Timber French Doors

White Timber French Doors