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Steel Windows




The slimmest and strongest profile on the market.

It can be painted and incorporate draught excluder. Normally fitted with cockspur type handles the glass units are fitted from the outside; even so, the window is extremely secure.

Each segment of a steel window is made separately. Segments are bolted together to make larger multi-faceted windows.

The frames can be fitted direct to the brickwork or into a timber sub frame.

The painting process is powder coating, the same system that is used for aluminium.

The steel window is an expensive option.


The Frame options?

The purpose of a window is to provide light and ventilation into a building. Glass has to be fixed into a frame. Early frames were steel and timber and latterly aluminium and plastic. These frames have been developed to take double glazed units and sophisticated locking systems producing a finished product that is elegant, practical and efficient at keeping heat in and the cold and rain out.