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Tilt-Turn, Pivot and ‘H’ or Reversable Window Openers

Tilt Turn Opener

Tilt-Turn Restricted Tilt Opening!

This is a European style opener. It is used in mainly commercial contracts where larger opening windows are required. Its main drawback is that it opens inwards, something we would prefer not to do as it scatters orniments and gets caught on the curtains!

The mechanisum fits on all sides of the opener tucked away inside and hidden from view. The single handle has two opening positions. In the first, the window is hinged from the bottom and tilts-in about 5 inches aopens t the top; the second position allows the opener to hinge on the side and fully opens-in without restriction. This should only be used for cleaning.

Pivot Openers

A very typical commercial opener, it can be pivoted vertically and horizontally and can be turned inside out for safer cleaning than the Tilt-turn. Another window that opens inside.

Timber Tilt-Turn Window

Timber Tilt-Turn Window

The ‘H’ or Reversable Window

A newer design, this opener pushes out from the bottom and is restricted against going to far. It is very safe for cleanig the outside glass; by overriding the restriction you can continue pushing the window outwards from the bottom, the top travels down on the normal line of the jambs (the sides) and then by pulling / pushing the top further down the window has fully reversed itself in front of you; you can safely clean the outside.